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Do you want to be part of TheLightBulb Apprenticeship Programme?

Are aged between 16 and 23? Is college not right for you? Do you want help and support in finding a career path? Would you like to achieve qualifications and still get paid?

If the answer to any of these is YES then an apprenticeship with TheLightBulb is the way forward for you.

Funded by the Government, an Apprenticeship is a way of making money whilst increasing your knowledge and skills within a job role. You will gain valuable work experience and achieve qualifications that will benefit you for the rest of your life whilst still bringing in a wage.

TheLightBulb can help to match you with an employer and get you started on your career path developing your skills along the way.  Alternatively if you are already employed but would like further training and development we can help.

Why not take that next step and contact us on 0845 0310066 or 01268 270648 for a chat about your future!  Alternatively use the enquiry form and we will get back to you this week!

This apprenticeship framework contributes towards developing a social care sector with a skilled, flexible and effective workforce whilst maintaining high quality and safe care for service users. Through completion of this apprenticeship learners will gain broad-base training in their chosen occupational area with a good knowledge base of the sector as a whole and transferable skills.

This Apprenticeship is intended to attract new talent into a career in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools or to help up skill you in your existing career. If this apprenticeship is chosen learners will be able to build your interest in, and commitment to, working with children and/or young people. You will also develop the skills, knowledge and experience needed to support children and young people to gain the best start in life and provide them with a safe and secure environment.

This Apprenticeship is intended to attract new talent into a career in Business & Administration or to help up skill the existing workforce. By choosing this apprenticeship you will gain employer led, up to date, flexible qualifications which meet the changing skills needs of employers and develop softer skills such as communication, team working, interpersonal skills and the ability to reflect on personal learning.


By choosing this apprenticeship you will  gain employer led, up to date, flexible qualifications which meet the changing skills needs of employers, and develop the skills, knowledge and experience needed to provide excellent customer services.

By developing the knowledge and skills required, you will be able to contribute to improved customer service delivery and satisfaction.

The aim of this Intermediate Apprenticeship/Advanced Apprenticeship is to provide the Warehousing Industry with staff who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to help their businesses grow and to provide a career path for Apprentices to higher level jobs and qualifications. Logistics employers report skills gaps and shortages, including literacy, numeracy and communications skills and the ageing workforce. Employers need to attract more people into the industry at level 2 to train as warehousing staff to fill these skills gaps and shortages, to provide a progression route to level 3 and to replace those who leave or retire.

This Apprenticeship has been developed for up and coming individuals who are stepping into management roles. Choosing this apprenticeship will provide learners with the essential tools needed in any management position. Communication and decision making skills, relationship building, coaching and mentoring skills and negotiation and influencing skills are all paramount in becoming an effective manager and will be covered during the programme.


This Apprenticeship is ideal for new or aspiring Team Leaders looking to increase their knowledge and responsibilities within their role. Choosing this apprenticeship gives learners first hand, work placed learning and experiences which meet the changing needs of employers, and allows them to develop the skills needed to be a successful Team Leader, and implement them into their organisations activities.

This Apprenticeship is designed for driven individuals who display a passion for the organisation and industry they work in and are driven by self and group improvement. If this apprenticeship is chosen, individuals will gain a knowledge and ability to plan and execute business processes as effectively as possible whilst minimising waste and ensuring the highest delivery of operational performance.


Useful resource links for our apprentices

But why choose TheLightBulb?

An Apprenticeship with TheLightBulb not only gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn, it also ensures you are ready for the world of work supplying you with the skills, experience and confidence you need to progress through the next stages of your life.

Our unique and innovative methods ensure we continue to deliver exciting and award winning Apprenticeship schemes to a wide range of industries including Business and Administration,  Customer Service, Health & Social Care, Management, Team Leading and ´╗┐Beauty Therapy.

In addition to teaching you new skills, we also nurture your current ones.  Each Apprenticeship programme
comprises of vital skills units in numeracy and literacy (dependent on previous grades) which are essential to ensure that you have the confidence and ability to process information properly. 

Whilst these units can sound scary, our specialist team is here to offer you plenty of help and one to one support so you can complete them to the very best of your ability.

As a Learner...

Once you decide to embark upon this exciting journey with TheLightBulb, we will help you decide which Apprenticeship is the right one and match you with a suitable employer.

When the process has begun, you will be assigned one of our friendly and dedicated assessors, who along with your employer, will be with you every step of the way providing guidance and support as you learn.

An Apprenticeship typically lasts a year and almost all of it will be completed at your place of employment, with supporting workshops held at TheLightBulb offices.  These workshops will give you the chance to make friends with other apprentices, compare ideas and share experiences in a professional yet friendly atmosphere.

As you progress through each stage of the programme, our online software allows you to view your progress, connect with other apprentices in employment and contact your assessor.

We currently have 335
students in apprenticeship schemes. 

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